Restaurant Paradis - a small fine dining restaurant, with a comfortable and inviting full service lounge

paradis martini list

Princess Cosmopolitan
Our new version of a classic..... White cranberry juice, Pinnacle Citrus and Cointreau, shaken hard in a stem

French Kiss
Pinnacle Vanilla, Chambord and pineapple juice topped with a champagne floater

Butter Me Up
Pinnacle Butterscotch vodka layered with Drumgray white chocolate liqueur, Frangelico and cream, served in a caramel syrup swirled glass

30-A Tea
Firefly Sweet Tea vodka and fresh squeezed lemon , served on the rocks with a sugared rim and mint leaves

Paradis Martini
Try this delicious Paradis original..... Pearl Pomegranate vodka steeped with a white tea lavender–citrus infusion

Cherry Lemonade
A perfect summer cocktail made with Pinnacle Cherry-Lemonade vodka, muddled cherries, fresh lemon juice and simple syrup served on the rocks

Desperate Housewife
This creamy chocolate martini is made with Pinnacle Vanilla vodka, Godiva chocolate liquer, Bailey's and cream...... Served in a chocolate swirled glass

Rosemary Sunrise
A champagne cocktail with 3 layers...... Pinnacle Raspberry, champagne and Chambord with a lemon twist

Strawberry-Kiwi Lemondrop
Not your average lemondrop...... Made with Pinnacle Strawberry-Kiwi vodka, lemonade and a sugared rim

Purple Rain
A martini featuring Pinnacle Tropical Punch vodka, Hypnotiq and cranberry juice...... Yep, its really purple

Macallan 12   12
Macallan 15   15
Macallan 18   20
Balvenie 12   12
Balvenie 15   16
Balvenie 17   20
Johnny Walker Black   9
Johnny Walker Green   12
Johnny Walker Gold   14
Glenfiddich 12   10
Oban 14   14
Lagavulin 16   21
Glenmorangie Astar   18
Compass Box "Peat Monster"   13

Paradis Still   4
Paradis Sparkling   4
Restaurant Paradis has gone GREEN. We are committed to doing our part for our community by carrying our very own handcrafted still and sparkling waters that are triple filtered and bottled here at the restaurant.